Our Space Coast Basket Brigade is a great opportunity to encourage
contribution, team building, and leadership within your organization.

From Girl Scouts to Grumman, Soccer Teams to Moose Lodge,
we have something for everyone!   

Coordinate A Food Drive

Create an in house food drive for your team or organization.  We are happy to provide you with promotional material and email templates to help support the process.  Simply send us your food counts a few days before the brigade and bring the food with you day of.  

Turkey Or Sides Sponsor

Many organizations like to sponsor a particular food, for example 50 pumpkin pies or 100 boxes of mashed potatoes, and work together to reach that goal.  Contact us and we can help you set an appropriate goal that will best support your team based on size an economic abilities.  

Basket Sponsor

Set a goal of the completed number of baskets that you would like to donate.  Work together as a team to collect all of the items needed to fill the baskets and bring with you day of.  

Fundraising Activities

Coordinate a fundraiser with your company or organization, and we will help support you in creating materials to help you reach your goal. Fundraising activities include but not limited to the following.   

In-Kind Opportunities

We welcome partnerships of professional services that may serve, promote, or enhance our Basket Brigade experience for our volunteers and the families. Opportunities include and are not limited to the following.   

School Food Drive

Have your children or students become leaders in their community by organizing a school food drive. We will help provide support, materials, and advice on how to make it a great success!

Sponsorship Recognition

Community partners and organizations are recognized and promoted based on the level of total value donated in kind and/or the total number families fed and results of the organization efforts.

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